The Youth Department has kicked off a lot of fun and exciting programs!
Where would the youth department be without an incredible team of youth leaders?! The youth department began by hosting two youth leader training sessions in which our Youth Directors introduced the new curricula for morning and afternoon groups as well as their expectations of creating a dynamic, educational and child friendly atmosphere. Our Youth Directors got a chance to interview each applicant to insure that they have an incredible team of your leaders.

Welcome to morning groups! A whole new structure has been created for these incredible Shabbos groups. Every group has their own banner designating their special area so that each child can feel proud about their group and have consistency and independence knowing where they head to in the morning. In addition, each week every youth leader is given a new packet which contains a tailored curriculum for their group. Morning groups begins with a fun fueled breakfast! Then the children, along with their youth leaders head to their banner and get warmed up for Davening. Davening is an essential part of morning groups. Groups continue with a fun Parsha game. This leads in to Parsha story time where, again, age appropriate, the Parsha story is reviewed. Parsha questions follow in which children are given the opportunity to share what they learned about the Parsha. And what is groups without snack time? This affords an opportunity for each group to practice their Brachot while getting some yummy nourishment. Then game time begins. Every week, a new, structured game is introduced to the group. Groups are often concluded with an ice cream Kiddush! Morning groups also incorporate the use of an incentive program where the children are able to earn to earn tickets based on their Davening and group participation among other things. These tickets are redeemable at the youth department prize shop which showcases lots of fun and educational prizes!!

A lot of fun and exciting programs are going on in our Youth Department! Some of the exciting youth department activities included a Rosh HaShana apple picking trip, Succah decoration making and a Pizza in the Hut event with a magic show. The youth department has also hosted a Sunday morning youth Davening where children led the Davening service. Then everyone got together for a yummy hot breakfast and had the opportunity to visit the prize shop and exchange their tickets for fun prizes. The youth department also organized a family ice skating event, Shabbos afternoon groups as well as the community wide Chanukah carnival. The youth department has many more fun children's activities in store including a scavenger hunt, bowling trip, arts and crafts making for the nursing home and a young leaders Shabbaton!