Sunday         6:45, 8:00

M, Th            6:20, 7:00 

T, W, F         6:20,  7:00 

Shabbat        7:00, 8:45, 8:15/8:30(Sefaradim)



Sundays        10 minutes before shkiya (sunset)

Weekdays      10 minutes before shkiya (when after 6:00)



Sundays        15 minutes after mincha, 

Weekdays     15 minutes after mincha (summer) 8:00 in Winter 

 *The times for Shabbat morning Shachris depend on Sof Z'man Kriyat Shema 
There is a Mincha Minyan daily at 2:50 PM in the adjacent Yeshivas Be'er Yitzchok
There is a shkiyah Mincha Minyan when it takes place after 6:00 PM
When there is no shkiya Mincha, Ma'ariv takes place at 8:00
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