Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Shabbos

7:15 Daf Yomi
Mishna Yomis
8:30pm Daf

5:40, 6:30 Daf Yomi
Mishna Yomis

8pm Women’s

8:15 pm Chovos HaLevavos
8:30pm Daf

5:45, 6:30 Daf Yomi
Mishna Yomis
8:30pm Daf

5:45 6:30 Daf Yomi
Mishna Yomis

8:30pm Daf

5:40, 6:30 Daf Yomi
Mishna Yomis

9 am: AY Chaburah 

8:40 Parsha Schmooze
9pm Chabura
8:30pm Daf

5:45 6:30 Daf Yomi
Mishna Yomis
Siddur Studies

8:30 pm Shabbos's Daf Yomi

Mishna Yomis
Sefer HaChinuch
Perek People
B. Personalities
Ruth Veit Women's Parsha


Daf Yomi:
Mornings (Sun: 7:15 am M & Th 5:40, Tu, We & F. 5:45 am Friday night: 8:30 pm <Shabbos's Daf>) Rav Schwartz, Rabbi Pinchas Shapiro, Dr. Effie Gluck, Benjy Singfer

(Sun: 7:15 am, Mon-Fri. at 6:30 am)- Rav Elazar Mayer Teitz Shlita, Rabbi Shlomo Wohlgemuth, Dr. David Hirschorn
Evenings (S-Th at 8:45 pm)- at the Kollel (Y. Smith)

Join the Rav in the mornings or the Kollel in the evenings and enjoy the breadth and depth of Talmud study. This Shiur covers a full Daf every day. This Shiur will cover  Bava Metzia, Bava Basra & Sanhedrin over the course of the year.

Mishna Yomis:
Mornings (Sunday to Friday following Shacharis, Shabbos, 10 minutes before Minyan) – Rav Schwartz/Rav Teitz/M. Rosenzweig/Dr. Yossi Pinsker

The Mishna serves as the Backbone of all of Torah She’Baal Peh. This class seeks to complete the entire Shas in six years. This year we will study Zeraim  at a rate of 2 Mishnayos a day.

Halacha: Dirshu 
Evenings – After Ma’ariv - Rav Schwartz (daily)

This class will study sections of Jewish law in detail following the daily Dirshu Mishna Berurah. We will be covering the laws of Daily Living  this year.

Night Seder:
In conjunction with Yeshivas Be’er Yitzchak -

Contact Yeshivas Be’er Yitzchak (908-354-6057)

Here is your opportunity to learn one on one in a Traditional Yeshiva setting. Come and join the fellows of Yeshivas Be’er Yitzchak for a traditional night Seder at AI.  Bring your own Chavrusa or speak to Rabbi Shulman to set up a Chavrusa for you and come and see what the “Buzz” is all about.


Women’s Beit Midrash:
8:30 pm (Check weekly Sheet for location)-Rebbetzin Elisheva Teitz

Parashat Vayeira tells the triumphant yet tragic tale of Avraham Avinu’s tenth and final test, the Binding of Isaac (Akeidat Yitzchak). Until, at the last moment, while the sword was already in the air, an Angel of G-d intervened to stop the drama and pointed to a ram, to be substituted for Yitzchak (Bereshit 22:1-19).  The merits of this episode have been referred to throughout Jewish history.  The only question is why?? Come study Akeidat Yitzchak with a master teacher and see the story as you’ve never seen it before.

Chovos HaLevavos:
8:15 pm - Rav Schwartz

Few books have been written for both Scholars and lay people better than the Chovos HaLevavos. Join Rav Schwartz in exploring one of our great thinker’s approach to the ethical life and its connection to our daily lives.





Women’s Weekly
9 am - (Rav Schwartz) Call Ilana Adams for schedule, location and information.

"Rabbi, What's up with..." "I heard that..." "Can you explain..." open the doors to a wealth of Jewish knowledge.  Join Rav Schwartz for a participant-driven forum to cover all you ever wanted to know on a whole host of torah topics. The Series will change topic every 4-6 weeks so join in and catch up with the themes.



AY Chaburah (for Women):

9 am - Corriene Cohen (women)

Join Mrs. Cohen as we explore the ethic teachings of Achdus Yisrael that stand for time immemorial. This class is suitable for beginner and advanced student alike.

Parsha Schmooze

8:40 pm (before the 8:50 Maariv) - Rav Schwartz

Join Rav Schwartz for a SHORT trip into the Parsha. What ethical missives can the parsha offer us in contemporary times? What a way to prepare for Shabbos!

Cholent Chaburah (men):
9 pm -Coordinated by Rav Schwartz & Nachi Feit

A great place to develop Chiddushei Torah and present them to a constructive analytical audience. This group meets weekly to learn together and discuss Halacha l’maaseh issues. Each participant prepares a Sugya and presents the food for the soul. Following group analysis, the Chevra joins Shabbos preparations attacking the week’s Cholent with the spiritual fervor and understanding that “Toameiha Chayim Zachu”.  Contact Rav Schwartz if you want assistance preparing for the Chaburah.Guest Speakers highlight this extremely popular series.

Friday Night:

Siddur Studies:
Between Kabbalat Shabbat and Ma’ariv – Rav Schwartz

Been reciting the words and don’t know what they mean or why they are there? Come study a selection of Siddur sections and spruce up your spiritual service to Hashem. Each week will focus on a different part of the Siddur.


Sefer Hachinuch

After Hashkama Minyan – Rotation

The Sefer ha-Chinuch (ספר החינוך Hebrew: "Book of Education"), often simply "the Chinuch" is a work which systematically discusses the 613 commandments of the Torah. It was published anonymously in 13th century Spain. The work's enumeration of the commandments (Hebrew: mitzvot‎; sing. mitzvah) is based upon Maimonides' system of counting as per his Sefer Hamitzvot; each is listed according to its appearance in the weekly Torah portion and the work is structured correspondingly.


Biblical Personalities, Places & Things (Fall)Perek People (Spring):
2 hours 15 minutes before Mincha (alternating homes) - Rav Schwartz

They may have lived long ago but they speak to us today. Join our discussion about famous (and not so famous) characters of Tanach or the places of great interest therein and help develop a greater understanding of their place in Tanach and in our lives today. During the Spring months, the class turns to the Tanaim of Pirkei Avot and examines their lives in context of their teaching in order to help us understand their life’s teachings.

Ruth Veit Parsha Shiur for Women:
1 hour 30 minutes before Mincha (alternates with Biblical Personalities) - rotation -- Coordinated by Kim Javitt

Study the Parsha in detail and depth. Share ideas and thoughts in this intimate group. A great addition to your Shabbos schedule.

Perek On the Lawn (Summer):

Shabbos Blatt:
30-45 minutes before Mincha-Rav Schwartz

Come spend a half hour in intense study of Meseches Sotah. By joining us each Shabbat afternoon in the fall, you will understand and experience Gemara study as never before.

Jewish Lifecycles:
During Seuda Shlishit-Rav Schwartz

A common factor amongst all religions is the importance placed on life cycle events. This class explores Judaism, Halacha and Jewish culture through the lens of the human life-cycle. The goal of the class is to see Jewish religion beyond text, to see it as intimately tied to lives of Jews themselves. Through examination of life events like the birth of a baby, a bris and raising children we will continue to do what generations of Jews have done before us - giving life, sustaining our beliefs, celebrating who we are and reminding us that each person's life is precious. At each session of this popular series we will examine the etiology and contemporary application of many of today’s pressing Halachic dilemmas. Source sheets will be provided.


The Rabbi’s Study (

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