Daf Yomi at 5:40 AM (M-F) 7:15 am (S)
Please join us via Zoom for the shiur daily at 5:40 am
Daily Mishna Yomis (After Davening or via email)
Please join us for 2 short Mishnayos every day and complete Meseches Machshirin with us in an extremely short period of time.
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Daily Kitzur Shulchan Aruch (After 8 pm Maariv)
Please join us for a short summary of the daily Halacha that will lead to the completion of the entire Kitzur Shulchan Aruch in a year.
Sefer HaChinuch - During Hashkama Kiddush
Parsha Perspectives
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A Word before Shabbos
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Rav Schwartz's Points to Ponder -- Now in its 9th series, you can catch this week's 7+1 Divrei Torah or download the entire Packet on a particular week's Parsha. The points are often timely and from timely Gedolim of the current and immediately past generation. A short shiur (usually 6 or 7 minutes) you can catch it on our Shul's page at yutorah.org
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