For 5777, we have maintained the same membership rates as last year - Single Adult membership is $500 and Couples Membership is $1,000. An additional $100 per child over the age of three for up to four children ($400 maximum) will also be due. The deadline for submitting your membership and payment is September 10th, 2016. As an incentive to reply early, a discount of $25 from the Single rate and $50 from the Couples rate will be provided if the completed membership form and  payment are received by August 27, 2016.

A seat for Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur is included with each adult membership. The cost of a seat for children in 12th grade and below is $50 per seat, in addition to the child membership fee. You may also purchase seats for your guests at the rate of $100 per seat.

Please note that we have added a $100 per family security assessment to cover the enhanced security measures that we have put in place.  These costs include enhancements for call boxes, video surveillance and security guard presence.  

If you would like to pay in monthly or quarterly installments, or would like to make other payment arrangements, please check "pay in installments" below. Otherwise, click "credit card" to make a single credit card payment.