Resources for when Shul is closed

Resources for our Kehilah
during the temporary closure of our Shul
Words of Chizzuk from Rav Schwartz
Please join us for family oriented brief words of inspiration and the recitation of Tehillim via zoom Sunday - Thursday evenings at 7:45 pm
Password, if needed, 016761
Daf Yomi
Please join us via Zoom for the shiur daily at 6:00 am
Password, if needed, 002372
People are encouraged to daven at the same time:
Shacharis at the usual times, or with neitz, Mincha at 6:55 and Ma'ariv at 7:15 or 9:15.
Other Daily Torah Offerings
Email lists have been created to share the Mishna Yomis and the Daily Vaad - please email to request being added to either list.
Shabbos Drasha
The weekly announcements will now include a drasha for Shabbos - please watch for it.
Youth Department
The youth department will be sending out Shabbos packets each week that can be used with you children.
Helping our Neighbors
The AI sisterhood is organizing a program to keep contact with and assist those who are elderly or unwell. Please reach out to Aliza Feuerstein or Susy Berk at (210) 854 2755 to get involved or if you or someone you know needs assistance.
Anyone who is an Avel saying Kaddish or who is observing a Yahrtzeit should not be going to find a minyan. Instead, it is best to find someone who is in a safe area which still has minyanim to say Kaddish on your behalf. As a community service, Congregation Beth Joseph in Greater Phoenix is offering a Kaddish service.
In observance of a yahrtzeit, light a candle, recite a Kel Maleh Rachamim, say Tehillim 16 and learn Mishnayos.
With Pesach coming upon soon, many may be preparing to clean and have Pesach in their own homes for the first time. Rav Schwartz is available to answer any questions and provide whatever guidance is needed. More information Shiurim and other sessions will be coming in the next few weeks.
JEC Matza orders are being accepted here.
Please submit your request by Tuesday, March 24th.
Other help / ideas
Please reach out to Rav Schwartz as needed (, or to Scott (, or any member of our board if you have ideas or suggestions.