("Let's table the discussion" is a new Adath Israel Shul initiative where a story or thought is presented in order to stimulate exciting and constructive discussion around our Shabbos table or among friends and children.


Former president Calvin Coolidge was known as a man of few words. Once, at a White House dinner, a woman approached Coolidge and said, "Mr. President, I have a bet with a friend that I can get you to say at least three words."


 Coolidge looked at her and said, "You lose." 


The speed of Yetzias Mitzrayim certainly plays a crucial role in the recalling of this great miracle that serves as the backbone of our faith. Indeed the commandments concerning the telling of the story, the Korban Pesach and the eating of Matza all highlight the aspect of Chipazon – of speed that is important to the story. The only question is,  why?


Rav Shimshon Dovid Pinkus ztl. comments that Hashem tries desperately to rush the world into recognizing and experiencing his Shechina. When in Mitzrayim, he rushed us to help us experience the Geula and in the future he rushes us to go greet Moshiach. Once we have come to such recognition, we can dwell there in the presence of Hashem but until we recognize that purpose we need to move and not waste time in frivolity or wasted words, in order to get to an experience and a life that will remind us and get us to stay, in line with Hashem’s plan for us – to dwell with His Shechina all the time.


Chazal tell us that Zrizin Makdimin l’Mitzvos – those who have the zeal rush TO a Mitzva. They do not endlessly chit-chat or dilly-dally about it. They do not rush through it --- they rush to get there and savor it.


How might the way we prepare to do a Mitzva affect the way we savor the experience once we are there?


What can we do to make our preparation for Mitzvos, davening, learning and other Torah experiences more spiritually meaningful?


  Let’s  “table” the discussion – by discussing it with our children, spouses, families and guests and open an exciting  discussion into our homes and community.